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By Alex Aspacher, David Clarkson, Allison Dunn,
Tom Nepomuceno, and Hannah Nusser

We set out to report on the bars of downtown Bowling Green. We wrote feature articles describing the crowds, specials, environments and other characteristics of each location to show what makes each place special. The stories below, in no particular order, will help you figure out which Bowling Green bars you might enjoy.

Uptown Downtown

By Tom Nepomuceno

Located at the corner of Main and Court St. Uptown Downtown offers patrons two kinds of satisfaction.

If you’re looking for someplace different, more youthful, with loud music blasting in your ears and a place to dance, head up the stairs to Uptown. If you’re out looking for a place
to have a brew and watch the game with your friends, sit down in Downtown. No matter which one you choose, you’ll have a good time.

“We try to have a different image than the other bars,” said co-owner John Hobbie. Hobbie, along with his older brother Jeff, runs Uptown Downtown. Walking in the door, you can tell that the owners strive to keep this bar a cut above the rest.

The bar is well stocked, and neatly organized. Bar stools are neatly arranged, the bar is polished to a mirror shine, and the floor is swept. Walking in you instantly know that Downtown is a sports bar. Eighteen large TVs line the walls offering patrons a wide range of sporting venues such as: MLB, NHL, NBA sports package, Sunday NFL, WWE and all UFC pay-per-view events, according to their Myspace.

“During the day, we get a lot of town people and we get the students at night,” Hobbie said. “The same ten people come in everyday.”

The atmosphere is relaxed, ESPN flows through the crowd, patrons sip their drinks. Their attention divided between the game and their friends.

If you’re looking for a place to watch the game with friends, Downtown has you covered.
Should you choose Downtown, know that it is a 21 and over bar. 

“We’re strict about checking IDs,” Hobbie said.

Uptown Downtown: 419.352.9310.

Featuring a large dance floor and themed nights, Uptown caters to a younger crowd. The 18 and over dance club is located above Downtown and features a large dance floor, pool tables and booths for taking a break in between songs. Speakers belt out club remixes all night long from artists who go along with the theme for the night.

Loud music, alcohol, and a dance floor provide the ingredients for a club atmosphere. The crowd here is mainly college kids out looking for somewhere to dance.
“People here are friendly,” said bartender Kristen Mednes. The atmosphere is relaxed, patrons sit at booths talking about whatever, and the sound of pool balls colliding resonate from the back room.
If you’re looking for a laid back club that likes to mix it up, check out Uptown. The themed nights will satisfy a need for change and the music and dance floor will ensure that you dance until the sun comes up.
For more information about the themes for Uptown here’s link to their Myspace.

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